Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

Fundamental marketing which is a form of marketing that is focused on influential individuals who will have a bigger impact on potential buyers has some fundamentals that must be adhered to. Some of these are:

  • Identify the influencers: You should look out for the person who has the greatest influence on the target market. This will be based on the nature of the business you are running and the people you want to reach out to. Below are the qualities that you should look out for in an influencer:

One who is actively engaged in social media.

He should have many followers that are part of your target audience and should also be in good relationship with them.

He should be able to initiate topics that will have a positive impact on your brand

He should be able to keep people actively engaged in the posts that are related to your products

The person should also have a previous experience while working with another related company.

  • Engage the influencers: Once you have identified the influencers that have the highest potential for impacting your target audience, you will make an effort to start a relationship with them. You will encourage them to interact with your product or the service you wish to sell to your customers. This can be done by:

Requesting the influencers for a review of your brand

Requesting them to provide quotes and other important insights regarding your content

Ask the influencers to write insightful content about your brand.

  • Choose the best from those you had an engagement with: If on your first attempt some of your target influencers did not respond to you, get them off your list. It is likely that they were not interested in your product but they may be in future.

You can try another approach to see if they will respond before giving up on then and if they still show disinterest, you can look for an alternative influencer.

Below are some of the other factors that have to be put into consideration in influence marketing:

  • Age of the target audience: You cannot choose an elderly person if the target audience is the young generation.
  • The marital status of the target audience
  • The location of the target market
  • The gender of the target audience
  • The income level of the target of the market audience
  • The interests of the target audience

Before you begin your influencer marketing campaign, you have to ensure that all the basics have been put in place as this is the only way that you can be assured of great results. Choose the influencers with the target audience in mind so that he will have the right impact on the audience which is to make them buy your brand. He should have the same interest as the target audience and should also be a person whose voice can be heard and trusted by the audience. If you are dealing with products that mostly targets the younger generation, look for a person the young people consider as a role model as it will be easier for them to follow what he is doing or directing.